Has anyone ever told you how pathetic and childish it is to have that notebook and a lock with you all day? With scribbles, doodles, and probably… the whole story of your life jut down in it?

I beg to disagree.

A huge number of people claim that only kids have the right to use diaries. In fact, if you’re someone of my age or even older and were caught seen using one, you’d be immediately ridiculed, judged as having the mind of a kid or worse, having some kind of defect on your mind. Now, truth be told, who wouldn’t be offended by that?

If you compare a person using a diary to vent out his or her frustrations to another individual suffering the same resentment but handling it through violence, who then would you think is the real foolish one?

The one who fought with a pen or the one who drew a sword?

Having a diary does not make you less than you already are. It, instead, could help you become a better and more disciplined person. You start to be careful with your words and begin a memorable life.

+ It’s always a bonus to be able to reminisce the old days while reading your entries.