About three weeks ago, I began to feel inspired from a Korean drama – Oh My Venus! The plot follows a woman who has grown quite a size upon fulfilling her quest as a lawyer and a man who has his alias greatly known as one of the best and most effective personal trainers in the world. The two meet and soon, fall in love with each other.

The series made me feel determined to lose all the fats I have. The heroine showed me that nothing is impossible so long have the will to change yourself. You are the sole decider whether or not you can accomplish the challenge posed.

And so, I started my fitness journey.

I really hated being taught through videos, but with what I was, I had to. I searched for films that could make me have a flatter stomach, lose weight, burn calories and of course, slim thighs, and finally found the perfect sponsor for those. Special mention to XHIT!

But, the exercise wasn’t the only thing that was changed in my daily routine. The food I’d have to eat everyday, together with the amount, was reduced to healthy. No meat other than chicken, no junk food, no sodas, no artificial juices, no sweets. Always the reason why me and my brother fight.

Two weeks doing that, and I’ve seen a great result. I had a cheat day to relieve the deprivation but that day had been prolonged into a week, this week, to be exact. I began losing my vision and started becoming lazy to exercise. I had meat other than chicken. I had sipped a ton of juices, and I had eaten countless of sweets. I had broken every single rule I made to achieve success in my fitness journey.

But things just had to stop there. Why? Because I realized. And, I was in no mood of giving up no matter how hard it has always been to work out. I would not stop my adventure. And definitely, I would never become stagnant and just eat to my heart’s content again. Enough is enough.

Sure, I would have to sacrifice a lot to have that healthy body, but it’s better than trading it to that poor one I once had. I am already half-way there. Let’s continue all the way to the end.

P.S. The real test is tomorrow.

The reason?

I’d be attending a ceremony for a baby friend of mine, and as always, what comes after it is the most-awaited feast.

Now, who’s on diet again?

For Sacrifice: