My eyes are already exhausted from staring too much at this machine you call computer. I’ve always hated looking too much at the monitor because the light it radiates, tires me out – a lot.

Why am I torturing myself?

Easy. It’s because I accidentally activated a theme that I don’t appreciate at all. The color coding is wrong. Simply speaking, everything about it is wrong. I’m pretty much picky when it comes to the design, the color, especially the font! Having every single aspect wrong makes me have a tough time reading, so I see to it that every detail on my page is to my liking.

Upon browsing, I found a theme that passed my standards but not exceeded them. It took me quite a while especially when I’m still not accustomed to the settings (the way it works) of this site. Although one of my principles is having considered things okay as not okay, I decided to stick to it ’til the best one falls into my hands.

And, as you may have guessed, that’s one of the reasons why my page looks as if a bomb was thrown at it. Much to my dismay, you hit the jackpot.