Moon taking over the sun

On a morning, where it pulled it down

Not even resisting, that hot circle is

Even when it can burn evening into a crisp


Today, I’ve realized and proved true that money can become the scariest thing in the world. People, born of greed, would tend to do everything just to place those onto the palm of their hands; having tossed away all the possible consequences that could come their way. It could flip an individual’s moral being. It can takeover one’s state of mind. It can change a person in an instant. All for the reason to have a better life – the best life, to be exact, among all the people of planet Earth. But of course, just like in every story, it could be seen in different angles and could have feasible solutions. It’s never too late to change for the better. It will never be too late.

As long as there’s a yet in every stake, nothing will be too late. I can at least assure you that.