Is it wrong for me to volunteer? Regardless if they would think as if I were trying to boast or the like… I mean, should I let other people push me to do something rather than push my own self to raise my hand and say, “I volunteer!”

You know, I have observed this for about two years already. I mean, I only noticed it now that the number of people, part of youth (to be exact), who have the guts to volunteer are diminishing rapidly – from ten to five to two to one. To be honest, I’ve been part of that circle all because of one thing – fear. I have the fear of making mistakes and the fear of being laughed at or be made fun of because of the shortcomings or incompetence I could have. But truth be told, every error is a challenge and a lesson. Who would grow in a stagnant, perfect world everybody has created for themselves? And so, I’ve come to my own resolve to volunteer as much as I can and to always be mindful of the situation. I also want to discover myself and grow better. I’ve been deprived for so long of doing what I want because it was not the trend or honestly, because I was afraid to be different, and most especially, I was scared of being imperfect. But now, let’s stop the drama and do this. I would listen to what my heart’s beat is telling me and coordinate with my mind, thinking.

And I’m happy because even when my family criticized me for wanting to volunteer for a position in class since I could be misunderstood at once or perhaps, be mistreated, I still want to do it. So I shall do it.