run or be ruined.

Solely running away can’t be equated as being a coward. Where you’re headed fills in the blank. If you’re running away to escape your problems because you’re tired of everything or simply because you’re scared of the outcome, then that’s the cowardice everyone is familiar with. But, if you’re running away from those voices that hinder you from doing what you want, that’s what we call survival. This statement may seem like deadwood or something since cowardice and survival are two related terms but are not the opposites of each other; regardless, these are the words that have been competing since they were born.

Our opinions could be swayed by persuasion, and it is a matter of fact to run to survive such frustrations.

For at least, that’s what I thought of saying, but really, don’t just run. Fight then escape. See to it that your perspective, your stand wouldn’t be swooned. Don’t let other people affect your choice. Do what you want, and if you make a mistake or be made as a laughingstock, laugh with them and move on. You can’t depend on other people. You can only depend on yourself; otherwise, the rate for your survival when the time comes would have already hit bottom-rock.

And that’s what I really wanted to say.