Title too long, but it’s worth a shot.

It’s actually 12:08 in the morning already, and I have yet to share that memorable brownies story that happened yesterday.

There was a restaurant in the neighborhood that just had the feels within me. The manager, whom I have blood ties with, just happened to have listened to my fast talk. I just came home from school to get a precious letter. There I met an ex-crush of mine, two, to be exact. Regardless, I kept my groove. Then, I’ve stumbled on a cousin and her subordinates who happened to be acquaintances of mine. All of them great, as in super duper! So, from those, I became bubbly and energetic; nonetheless, inspired to do anything productive today-whoops. Yesterday, I mean.

I was told to serve a family of three with their ordered desserts, and I’ve managed to do so successfully. After that, I helped serve people who seemed to be talking about business or some sort, and did the job well as well (oooh. well and well). Now, the thing is, right after that, I was called by the family of three who I just served earlier and was asked whether or not the brownies were baked from the restaurant or had a supplier. I was confused with the words coming out of my mouth, and I didn’t know why. I kept stuttering which just made me roll my eyes upon writing this like right now. I apologized, told them reason, answered their question and went back in to speak about the inquiry.

He went out to discuss.

Meanwhile, I was talking about what happened with although an embarrassed, large smile on my face and just laughed it away. Soon, he returned and giggled with us with an order of a box of brownies.

Honestly speaking, upon remembering what just occurred, I realized that the situation was simple. What made things hard was me being paranoid or having an attack of anxiety. I was looking for the perfect words; thus, the result. It was not really made of a big deal, but this had been a great lesson for me to engage myself more in these kinds of activities – to go social and accept that as an imperfect person, I am flawed. Also, I have to be reminded that in order for me to grow, I have to deal with fear, with challenge, and overcome them. If you fall down, stand up. If that happens again, all you have to do is stand up again. That way, fear would be the one afraid of you.

I did better later on and soon the day ended with still, a smile on my face. This one, the smile of victory. Wink, wink.

And yes, that’s how a box of brownies became memorable.

A box of sweet and moist lessons, that is.