About two weeks ago, I’ve stumbled on a photo a cousin of mine had shared. Written on it was an incomplete statement whom only you could fill-in the missing puzzle piece. That picture is the same one posted here.

In the next 5 years, I will be…

A. A successful businessman.

B. Travelling the whole world.

C. Volunteering wherever needed.

D. I don’t know. To be decided.

Although it’s always fine to take your time on deciding things, it’s best for us to be reminded on how time goes by. True that rushing things won’t lead you anywhere, but being indecisive would only mean the same. So how do you overcome this dilemma?

You need to have your vision.

For next year, where would I be standing at? After that, what should the results be? After eight more years, what have I accomplished? Ten years later, where can I find myself?

Questioning yourself, and imagining the end (that is always the beginning) you want to have definitely set your goal. Your vision of what you want to happen would help you not just on reaching your dreams but even on surpassing them. You’ve set your mind on something, and the only work left would be the process. Things would be much easier since you have your aim already; thus, everything you do would lead towards a step to accomplishing it.

That, now, my folks, is what a vision could do to you.

So where has looking ahead brought you?