I was browsing old documents on my personal computer when one caught my attention. They were excerpts of my first year in high school. But that is not the catch of this entry.  You’d know when you get to read the transformations below. Note that the first one was written around three years ago while the edited one was written just now, June 2, 2016.



A glorious day full of dramatic memories that I’d feared materialized today; that’s the reason why I have to stay even more focused in order for me to pass the bridge to success, and not be distracted by things or issues that do not need my attention for I might add fuel to it.


Glorious and dramatic are two adjectives I could get indigestion from when together. Much to my dismay, this day has been tainted with these descriptions at the same time. Such happenings could leave me array; thus I might need to focus a little more, and prioritize better—leave all those not my business issues on where they are, untouched; otherwise, I might make the biggest mistake of my life.