Remember the I-got-your-back thingy? It’s a common thing between friends. The usual sentence to say whenever someone dear is troubled or in danger. It’s also used to somehow assure the friend or whatever. But anyway, to me, it’s second in my top ten list of worst lies. Imagine yourself, troubled by the mean girls in school, and your other friend tries to defend you, and tells you that he or she got your back, but then you found out that what that little friend of yours really meant was ‘I got your back. Hands up in the air, or I’ll stab you to death’. In other words, a friend turned enemy – a traitor, to be exact. Someone who had been blinded by jealousy and power, or something similar to that. Now that one friend soon turned into another, then another, until it’s the whole class that’s messing with you. You know, backstabbers should just trip and perish. That way they’d realize how equally painful their actions are. Well, it’s just a scenario. No biggie. Just something I hate, so be careful. I may sound a bit like a hypocrite, but whatever. I don’t care. I’d defend whoever I want to, and I’d have to break my ties off to those who I don’t want to be associated with. Especially those with horns.